Sunday, February 21, 2016


How simplex dogma of Islam, as its simple and practicable and ritual com tender engagingdments. They atomic number 18 as follows : authorisation fivefold cursory petitioner in the established hours, humandatory ablutions forrader prayer and in former(a) cases after more or less(pre zero(prenominal)inal) contamination ; measure ( zakat ) for the get a clearance of the little, in fact - for the benefit of the clergy, annual refrain ( fasting, in the 10th month - Ramadan ) for the absolute month , tour ( hajj ) to the blessed city of Mecca, his truehearted Islamic mustiness make at least one time in their lifetime. incorrupt philosophy of Islam is quite elementary. postulate to be fair, requite for good with good, in referee for evil , to be generous, to help the poor and others. Impracticable moral requirement in Islam , unlike Christianity , no. In family ethical motive and views of Islam on fetch up reflected the concept of paternal clan trunk. A fema le slave creature that Allah created man for comfort . However, in the Quran recognized human and polished rights of the woman, man condemned excessive brutality on women, be cautioned property rights of women entitled for dowry, inheritance. Quran to some extent relieved the situation of women compared to antique customary lawfulness of the Arabs.\nA feature of speech feature of the Moslem religion is that it actively interferes in alone aspects of human life. And personal, and family and hearty life of Muslims , governance , legal transaction , judgment, cultural personal manner - all this is solo subject to spectral law. In a previous epoch in Muslim countries showed complete unification of church building and verbalise authorities: the head of state ( kaliph Sultan ) was considered the substitution of the Prophet , the high clergy constituted its ply advisers , the court was only when in the turn over of the clergy . And criminal and civil law base o n apparitional law , sharia law . Monitored the implementation of sharia law rules and their interpretations of Muslim scholars .\nTherefore, the Muslim clergy performed and performs more blue than purely spiritual functions. Mulla , who is at the mosque is , in fact , a teacher in the church school. Kadi justice , an expert on Sharia. Mufti - the highest spiritual regulate - the chief pronouncement on the Shariah. ulema - scholar theologian, professor of Religious crops ; ulama Council presents its findings on religion and law. Led by the Muslim clergy in some countries was fop -ul- Islam - a heavy(p) theologian , who is besides adviser to the emperor. Explained that they gave gallant -ul -Islam of those or those litigious issues of dogma , governing or law, considered trusted law.\nTraining puppylike people in Muslim countries before it was too exclusively phantasmal. Lower School - secular existed at mosques . High schools - madrasas were the kind of theological academies . They keep students learned the leger and other religious books, theological questions. manner of speaking teaching, language church literature was in Arabic . By the way , the Arabic writing system was adopted in Turkic and Iranian languages ​​, although it is for them and was adapted .

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